Jason Bloomberg is Chief Evangelist at EnterpriseWeb, where he drives the message and the community for EnterpriseWeb’s next generation enterprise platform.

As one of the original managing partners of industry analysis firm ZapThink LLC, Mr. Bloomberg established himself globally as an expert on Service-Oriented Architecture. Today, he applies his architecture-focused insight to the emerging Cloud Computing / next-generation application platform marketplace, helping enterprises and government agencies around the world achieve greater business agility.

He is a frequent speaker and prolific writer. He has spoken at hundreds of conferences, seminars, and Webinars. He has over four hundred published articles and is an author of four books. He has also been quoted in the press as an industry expert on over 1,400 occasions.

His new book, The Agile Architecture Revolution, reinvents Enterprise Architecture to support continuous business transformation. It focuses on the challenges of large organizations, while placing such organizations into the broader business ecosystem that includes small and midsize organizations as well as startups. Published in March 2013 by John Wiley & Sons.